Company History

1917 Kaneichiro Mochizuki founded the Mochizuki Corporation and started to
import Tungsten filaments, as it had not produced in Japan.
1923 Following the great Kanto earthquake, started to import vacuum tubes, Nickel sheets and other materials, which were in high demand as radio came into wide use.
(1941-1945) After World WarⅡ, restarted import business. Became a pioneer importer of Neon gas from France. Expanded business into China, the Philippines, India and Egypt. Later, the main focus has shifted to materials for electron tubes and sold materials to universities and research institutes throughout Japan.
1944 Established The Japan Lamp Industries Co., Ltd.
1973 The oil crisis caused the company to change its direction to trading materials for R&D.
1988 Established the Nilaco Analytical Laboratory (NAL) offering analysis of materials to customers.
1989 Changed the company name to "The Nilaco Corporation" on its 45th year anniversary.
1995 Established the Nilaco Information Center (NIC).
1998 Moved to a new office.
2001 Created the website and Internet order system.
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