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NEWNew Product Available
Item Number AU-171066
Product Name Pure Metals / Gold / Wire
    φ0.015mmx50m 99.95%
    1pc 56,000yen

Item Number 892541
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Rod
    φ2.0X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 6,600yen
Item Number 892561
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Rod
    φ3.0X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 7,700yen
Item Number 892571
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Rod
    φ5.0X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 16,900yen
Item Number 892591
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Rod
    φ10.0X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 36,100yen
Item Number 893528
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Sheet
    1.0X50X50mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 20,800yen
Item Number 893521
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Sheet
    1.0X100X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 70,700yen
Item Number 893558
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Sheet
    2.0X50X50mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 25,900yen
Item Number 893551
Product Name Alloys / Ag-W / Sheet
    2.0X100X100mm  W65:Ag35
    1pc 88,000yen

Item Number IR-211480
Product Name Pure Metals / Iridium / Wire
    φ1.0x30mm  99.9%
    1pc 57,000yen
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