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Welcome to The Nilaco Corporation
We are happy to offer a comprehensive product search for items listed in our catalog. You can search our products by group classification, key word, or our catalog item number.
If you would like to order / request our quotation, please choose the item(s) and complete the quotation request form and submit it.
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If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Information about Security Export Control System in Japan

With regards to exporting our products, please follow the Security Export Control in Japan.
Please click here for the detail.

Consumption Tax Rate Change

The Japanese consumption tax rate will increase to 10% from October 1st, 2019.
Regardless of showing 8% of consumption rate on your quotations, the new rate will be applied to all of your orders shipped after the effective date.

Price Correction for the Catalog No.33

We sincerely apologize that prices of some products are misprinted on the page 101 of our catalog No.33. The correct prices have been listed on our website. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Catalog No.33 P.101 <Tungsten Rhenium/Wire>
@Re( 3%)-W(97%)@ƒÓ0.05mm ` ƒÓ0.3mm@@Price Changed
@Re( 5%)-W(95%)@ƒÓ0.1mm@` ƒÓ0.3mm@@Price Changed
@Re(25%)-W(75%)@ƒÓ0.1mm@` ƒÓ0.3mm@@Price Changed
@Re(26%)-W(74%)@ƒÓ0.1mm@` ƒÓ0.3mm@@Price Changed

Zinc Products Purity Change

The purity of some of our zinc products will change.
Please check the product list for the current purity.

Frequently Asked Questions
> How do I order your products?
Since EMS charges and Bank Fee/Handling charges is to be determined before ordering, you will need to request quotation first.
Kindly choose the item(s) you desire through the website and complete the quotation request form and submit it. You will receive your quotation in 2 days.
After receiving your quotation, you can proceed the payment and place your order by email/fax.

> What payments methods are accepted?
*International customers*
Wire transfer payment is accepted. All prices are listed in Japanese YEN. Payment is required in advance of the shipment. With your quotation request, the quotation and proforma invoice will be sent out for you to arrange your payment.

*Domestics customers*
Various payments are accepted. Some customers already have a fix method. Please feel free to ask us for more details.

> How much is the shipping?
Your shipment will be arranged by EMS.
Because shipping costs can be varied in product quantity, destination or package weight, it will be determined after your quotation request.
You will be receiving our quotation including EMS charges and back fee upon receiving your quotation request.