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Pure Metals: Aluminum - Zirconium
70 elements (2,300 items) of high purity metals, 85 kinds (1,000 items) of alloys, in form of wire, rod, foil, sheet, powder, ingot and other shapes.

Alloys: Advance - Zircalloy
85 kinds (1,000 items) of alloys in form of Wire, Rod, Foil, Sheet, Powder and Ingot and other shapes.

Chemicals: Acheson Dag - Xenon
In addition to inorganic materials, 21 groups (300 items) of chemicals which increase metal properties, and 120 items of chemical compounds are also available.

Evaporation Source
We have various metal kinds of Evaporation Source.

Product Data (PDF)
Where additional information is available, PDF symbol is shown in the products list. Please click the symbol to open the file.

Contents: Material Safety Data Sheet, handling manual and other information
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Hazard Symbols
Some of the materials we supply are hazardous and precautions for handling are needed. Those products are marked with the below indicated hazard symbols and the materials should be handled only by those who are qualified in handling and use of toxic and hazardous metals and chemicals.
Customers are liable for the safe use of the products. All materials supplied are only for laboratory use and we make no warranty on the materials used for other purposes.
Chemicals are generally combustible and should be kept away form ignition sources. Protective clothing should be worn at all times to avoid inhalation, ingestion, contact with skin or eyes. In case of skin contact, the area should be washed off thoroughly with large amount of water. If symptoms persist, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Masayuki Kato
(Manager in charge of handling poisonous and deleterious substances)

Hazard Symbols